At FluffyFolds Cattery we are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

Due to the nature of our employment, the implications to our cattery should we get sick and as per Victorian State Government instructions,
we have made the decision to cease meet and greet visits during the current pandemic.

In lieu of meet and greets we will be endeavouring to post images and videos of our kittens more frequently on our Facebook Page.

If your kitten is ready to collect during the pandemic: there will be strict social distancing and hand sanitising procedures to follow.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our cats is paramount during this time and your understanding is greatly appreciated.


Adopting from FluffyFolds Cattery

If you are thinking of getting a Kitten (British/Scottish or otherwise) from a registered breeder, which is of course where you should always get one from, contact them in plenty of time to make your enquiries as kittens are not always available exactly when you want one.

It is always best to place an order and book a kitten rather than just sit back and wait for one to come along. We breed on confirmed orders and for show purposes not just for the sake of breeding.

We are a hard working family that breed as strictly a hobby, so we might not have the number of kittens as bigger breeders that breed for business purposes.

So Please if you have your heart set on a particular sex or colour - please be patient. That special kitten will come along!

Should you wish to go on our waiting list for a kitten, please Contact Us to avoid disappointment.


What You Get When you Adopt from FluffyFolds

When you adopt a kitten from FluffyFolds Cattery, your pet kitten will come to you with lots of purrs and the following:




Litter Trained

Parasite Free (Treated with Frontline)

PET ONLY Pedigree Papers

Kitten Pack including: food samples, food bowls, litter tray, kitten care DVD, toys and other goodies

All our kittens are well socialised with children, dogs and all the noise of a busy family.

FluffyFolds kittens are well known for their laid back naturesd and friendly outgoing temperaments.

We require a $250.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your kitten.

Please refer to our Facebook Page for currently available kittens and/or retirees